The Spirit of St. Louis (A)

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Antikvarisk, inbunden bok, John Murray, London, 1953, 531 sidor, Engelska, 1:a utgåvan

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First British edition of Lindbergh’s autobiographical account about the events leading up to and including his 1927 solo trans-Atlantic flight. Illustrated.

Title: The Spirit of St. Louis.
Publisher: John Murray, London
Publication Date: 1953
Binding: Hardcover
Pages: 531
Dust Jacket Condition: Dust Jacket Included, see picture
Edition: 1st Edition

From the back cover:

CHARLES LINDBERGH’S story of the preparation and culmination of his 33 hour flight alone from New York to Paris in a single-engined aeroplane in May 1927, is much more than an autobiographical record with the excitement of the individual epic in the foreground and the plaudits and cheers of the crowd as the background.
It is a record of a man’s dedication, in modem terms, to technical achievement, coupled with the ranging of an integrity that accepted the crossing of the Atlantic as a supreme moment of personal expression.
His childhood, his early years of flying, ’barnstorming’ and wing-jumping, and later his pioneer work of flying-in the mail at great hazards are so described that they converge upon the great moment of his decision to fly alone to Europe.

The details of the complicated issues involved, financial backing, complex technical problems arising out of so long a flight, the design and building of the plane itself, are given with admirable directness and honesty, and the excitement mounts through disappointment and set-backs, through the anxiety and the apprehension that other flyers would be away before him, until the momentous flight is launched and the reader is in the sky on terms of vivid intimacy with the pilot.

The autobiography has a gripping immediacy. The account of the actual flight reveals Colonel Charles Lindbergh’s full, constructive mind reliving his vivid exploit with almost passionate clarity. He does this as an hour by hour log and enriches it with invaluable technical data and the candour of a fully accepted experience that makes his arrival at Le Bourget a fitting climax to his book, and rounds off with glory the pioneer who left New York in faith and arrived in France in absolute fulfilment.